Chromatik: Enhanced Search Experience

Chromatik is an experimental search engine by Exalead that offers a fun way to search for images by color.

  • Search images by any imaginable combination of colors;
  • Add keywords;
  • Adjust image luminosity and saturation.

Now let me demonstrate the tool in action…

Pick any color from the palette:


Pick another color and watch the results change:


Try adjusting the color combination by dragging the colors separators:


Try filtering images by luminosity:


Hover over any image and search for "similar images" (also, watch the palette change):


And now imagine that you can do the same AND filter the results by a keyword! Lovely, isn’t it?

Note: the only thing I didn’t get was how to find the image source and if the images are free to use. Could you help me with that?

Ann Smarty
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Ann Smarty

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2 thoughts on “Chromatik: Enhanced Search Experience

  1. it is probably using flickr api. so they could potentially highlight images that can be reused legally. but for now, they are probably just showing the small sized version.

  2. They are indeed using the Flickr API.
    There a few tools online to identify the owner, try this one
    >Right click on the photo
    > Click on properties
    > Copy the last bit of the URL (Address:)
    for instance the URL is:
    >Copy 437204563_e7a1f89fec.jpg
    >Go to
    >enter the copied bit in the box (ex: 437204563_e7a1f89fec.jpg)
    >Press “Find photo owner”