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Launched in 2003, SEJ is unique in its community-based approach to search marketing content. Virtually all of our contributed articles come from real online marketing experts, both independent and in-house.

Search Engine Journal spotlights the important trends, news, strategies and personalities in the industry. We make it easier for the interactive-marketing community to collaborate and innovate its way to success.

Kelsey Jones

Executive Editor

Kelsey owns the SEJ content review process and also writes breaking news. She is a search and social marketing consultant through her Kansas-based agency, MoxieDot, where she helps businesses of all sizes with SEO, PPC, content marketing, blogging, social media outreach, and more.

Aki Libo-on

Assistant Editor

Aki is a Philippine-based content writer who joined the SEJ editorial team in February 2014. Her job is to make sure that all posts on SEJ adhere to the editorial guidelines. When not at work, she is busy catching up with her favorite Korean drama series or roaming around the city of Manila in search of the best places to dine.

Brent Csutoras

Chief Social Media Strategist

Brent Csutoras is a social media marketing consultant and entrepreneur based in Boca Raton, Florida. He specializes in social media marketing, content marketing, and viral content creation. As co-founder of Alpha Brand Media, Brent is responsible for ABM's social media efforts as well as managing SEJ's social strategy.

Catherine Quiambao

Assistant Editor

Catherine is part of the editorial team at Search Engine Journal and assists with various Alpha Brand Media projects. Coming from a brand marketing background, she spends her free time experimenting with content and social media marketing. She is based in the Philippines and swears that visiting their local beaches should be part of everyone’s bucket list.

Danielle Antosz


Danielle is the copy editor for Search Engine Journal. She is a freelance editor and copy writer based in Florida who spends her days brandishing her red pen and her nights wishing people thought the Oxford Comma was a thing (it is).

Debbie Miller

Social Media Manager

Debbie oversees SEJ’s social media strategy and implementation. She is a social media marketing consultant based in Orange County, California, where she is the President of Social Hospitality; the Digital Communications Manager at HyperDisk Marketing; and a Social Media Instructor at UC Irvine Extension.

Jenise Uehara Henrikson


Jenise manages SEJ's revenue strategy and publication direction. She is CEO of Alpha Brand Media, publisher of Search Engine Journal, where she leads operations, publishing and process management. She resides in the San Francisco bay area.

Jessica Cromwell

Project Manager

Jessica joined Alpha Brand Media as executive assistant in August 2013. She facilitates the planning, scheduling, and oversight of various projects and relationships across ABM and Search Engine Journal. Things that make her happy include beer, cats, motorcycle rides, and globetrotting for food. She was born and bred in San Diego, CA.

Loren Baker


Founding editor-in-chief Loren Baker is a managing partner in Alpha Brand Media, publisher of SEJ. Loren has been involved in the internet marketing field since 1998 and has a background in paid search and search engine optimization. In 2003, he began blogging his research and thoughts on the industry, which blossomed into the current Search Engine Journal. He currently resides in the Los Angeles area.

Matt Southern


Matt Southern is a SEO and content marketing professional based in Ontario, Canada. Matt has his finger on the pulse of the internet marketing industry and is responsible for keeping the SEJ audience informed on breaking news, emerging trends, new tools, and everything else they need to know about.

Paulo Bobita


Paulo is behind the design and overall look of Search Engine Journal and other ABM sites. His creative work largely consists of explorations in typography and minimalist design. Paulo is based in Manila, Philippines, where he runs a small clothing company he started in 2013.

Slobodan Manic


Slobodan is responsible for keeping SEJ well-oiled and running smoothly, 24/7. As CTO of Alpha Brand Media, he owns all IT infrastructure across the ABM network and directs all technical aspects of major initiatives. Slobodan currently calls Sweden home, and is a web developer with a passion for all things WordPress.

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