Tools to Explore and Validate Page Outbound Links

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Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty
Tools to Explore and Validate Page Outbound Links

Today I will be looking at some SEO tools that check the current page (internal and external) outbound links. This may be useful for:

  • validating if all links of the page work correctly or point to a valid destination (Note: I do realize that Xenu is the best tool for this but, first, it checks links for the whole site and, second, it is so awesome that it will be reviewed in a separate post);
  • spying on (the competitor’s) nofollow usage strategy;
  • understanding the page prominent anchor text;
  • finding page “hidden” links (hat tip to Kerry).

Tool/ Checks forNofollowAnchor text Broken links Header status code
Site Link Analyzeryesyesnono
Link Checkernonoyesno
Link Evaluator (FireFox Extension)nonoyesyes

1. Site Link Analyzer by SEOChat (in reality checks for the page links, not site links) reports on both external and internal page links showing the following information for each one: link anchor text and link nofollow attribute (if it has one).

Link Analyzer

2. Link Checker (by RankQuest) validates the given page links and shows if the link is working (“ok”), if it’s broken (“not ok”) or if it’s “redirecting”.

Link Checker

3. LinkValet will show you the header status code of each linked page:


4. LinkVendor fetches link anchor text and “link info” (nofollow, image link):


5. Link Evaluator (or a similar one: LinkChecker) is a FireFox plugin that shows you the link status by color: green – OK, red – not working:

Link Evaluator

Ann Smarty

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