SEO Salary Guide For Top 20 U.S. Markets [INFOGRAPHIC]

ONWARDsearch released and infographic yesterday called SEO Salary Guide: For Top 20 U.S. Markets that shows you which U.S. markets offer the highest number of SEO-related jobs and what the salary ranges for those markets are. You can download the guide in PDF form here.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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Melissa Fach

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12 thoughts on “SEO Salary Guide For Top 20 U.S. Markets [INFOGRAPHIC]

    1. I was just going to say HOLY MISSILE’S – I’ve actually considered taking a job for first time since 1999 for personal/life changes, but the pay is PATHETIC. Actually, predictable I suppose based on the sheer ignorance of what serious MISSILE SEO-SEM consists of.

  1. those are awesome numbers!!! nice infographic..

    I would like to have a link from where i can get the info about other countries salary on SEO

    as far as US concern.. those numbers are just very nice..

    feels good to be a SEO

  2. Low numbers are for the working level marketing people. The big salaries are at the Director level. Typical pattern and amounts for any Fortune 500 corporation.

    The workers in the “strategiest” catagory .. are they technical degreed programmers and developers or just a mid-grade between link-farmers and managers?

  3. Thanks for the good survey and detailed list of SEO salaries but these salaries are very less according to the profile and hardwork used by Seo’s . SEO is one of the most difficult profession in this world because you are directly competing the #1 company of World is GOOGLE and you have to be update on very frequent basis to rank in SERP.