Are You a Digital Nomad? #’s Behind the Lifestyle [Infographic]

Voltier Digital created an infographic that gives some amazing stats on a new generation of workers they call Digital Nomads – those that work virtually. One statistic that doesn’t surprise me, due to knowing so many in this industry, is that 30% of the job market consists of independent workers.

Are you a Digital Nomad? Working for someone else or yourself? How is it working for you?

Digital Lifestyle draft QC Are You a Digital Nomad? #s Behind the Lifestyle [Infographic]

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Melissa Fach

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4 thoughts on “Are You a Digital Nomad? #’s Behind the Lifestyle [Infographic]

  1. well, that’s quite informative about how things changed over time. I am entering this world but cant say yet that i am Nomad, under processing to be one in near future. Thanks for sharing

  2. It’s working great! Wouldn’t have it any other way. The lake view from my home office sure beats the cubical. In a recession, self-employed is the best place to be, imho.

  3. Great infografic! I am a digital nomad myself and pretty much travelled around the entire world working from anywhere. Gotta love the freedom the internet gives you these days ;-)