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Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – I hope this edition finds you well and 2k10 is rocking so far (busy, but fun over here).

Last week was the kind of week a geek like me dies for. There were a ton of great blog posts, plenty of humour, lots of geeky IR stuff (including an IR post with profanity.. wicked cool!) and even a bunch of interesting patents. Actually, one of the longest search patent names I’ve ever seen. Truly a week that was a blast to follow. On that note…let’s not waste more time with my idle banter, we’re a lot to get to!

Lead Story

Help stop the madness!!

A few week’s ago some pals and I were joking via Twitter that there should be a dedicated place for ranting and otherwise going off. You see, I tend to keep a certain demeanour when writing this newsletter or even on my blog. Sure, ranting once in a while… but it’s not the same as losing it.

Just for sh*ts and giggle’s I poked around and noticed that SEObulls**t.com was available. The rest as you’ve likely figured out, is history.

Some of the first posts;

  1. Stop Offering SEO Services You Bloody Dimwits!
  2. SEO Toxin: Directory-like URI Structures
  3. Bulls**t Prevails When Good SEOs Do Nothing
  4. Confusing acronyms create chaos

We’ve taken to calling it, ‘SEO Group Therapy’ in that it has become a place that is fostering discussions. An unexpected side effect. It is a (reasonably) open door policy for posters and I look forward to it’s continued growth. If you like your SEO stories with a bit of humour (and profanity at times), drop on by. Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and Grab the Badge!

And away…

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Talk of the town

My Many Words for Snow – speaking of profanity. The IR geeks are generally a more reserved bunch (or so I thought) until now. Seriously… it’s pretty funny. Read it. Takes 30 seconds.

Overcoming The SEO Challenges Of Huge Online Commerce Sites – ok sure, Eric said the dreaded ‘PR sculpting’ but at least it has a new spin (lol). All in all, still a worthy edition for those in ecom.

Relevance: Good for SEO, Good for YOU – Virginia has a nice little road map for relevance. I enjoyed this one as it was anti-geeky. Taking ‘relevance’ back to the thought level… Nice.

Google Fails 5th Grade Math Test – and hey, what’s a week without poking some fun at Googly? And who better than Michael VanDemar to take them to task?

A concise list of SEO black hat tactics – while Michael may not luv me no more, (something to do with the SEOBS blog hehe) I still do, so here’s his nearly weekly addition into the mix. For the record, I have mate in BH, just not a fan of it myself.

“Inkbait”: A Case Study In Linkability – Deb does some link bait deconstruction and (as always) gives us some good take-aways. Seriously, she’s more of a content strategists at times, not merely a link builder.

50 Ways To Lose Your Link – speaking of links, Julie had a list (yup, I hate ‘em, but this one ain’t too bad) of the many ways that outreach can go wrong.

Using the hReview Microformat for your Review Pages – did I metion microformats were important? Richard seems to be getting right into them over the last while… Bookmark this one as it is a’ coming!

Why it’s time to take the SEO industry seriously – ok, sure, the content is a little light. But how often will we see a major (non SEO) website actually not crapping on our collective heads? Print it out. Frame it.

Master Baiters Taking The Bait – since we’re all sh*ts and giggles this week, I thought I’d add Milt’s post that asks the pertinent question. Why to SEO Baiters always find a hungry fish?

The Benefits of a Targeted YouTube Distribution Strategy  – a new addition to the newsletter are the guys at Reel SEO. Be sure to grab their feed and bookmark the site. We’ll be looking at VSEO more and more this year (part of a good universal search strategy right?).

Link Building Gems from User Behavior Patterns – and last but not least, was a great guest post on the Trail from Jennifer Van Iderstyne. She takes one of my fav topics (behavioural) and puts a link building spin on it. A fun ride.


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Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

Web 3.0 and Semantic Search – Alt Search Engines

Announcing Google’s Focused Research Awards – Google Research

Eggs, bacon, spam, spam, and spam (SEM 101) – Bing Blog

New details on LinkedIn architecture – Geeking with Greg

Sharing Data on the Web – Talis

A moment of discovery – Facets (Endeca)

Social Search

Why Aardvark’s Social Search Engine Might Suffer from “Participation Fatigue” – Marketing Pilgrim

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Feeds For Social Updates – Search Engine Land

Report on the Third Workshop on Search and Social Media (SSM 2010) – Noisy Channel

Local SEO

Google New Local Ad Category Invades The “7 Pack” – SEL

Google local business ads – Blog Storm

Does CityGrid From Citysearch “Answer” The Local SEO Problem? – Search Engine Land

Google Maps Accidentally Removes Send to Garmin GPS Feature – Search Engine Roundtable

7 Tips for Local SEO and PPC Success (Brian Carter) – SEJ

Interview with Andrew Shotland – SEO Book

Google Place Pages: Who Owns Them? – Small Business SEM


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Episode #5 – Web Analytics TV With Avinash Kaushik and Nick Mihailovski – Google Analytics

Google & Bing SEO, Artificial AdWords, AdSense Revenue & More  – SER

Cutts Corner;

Does Google remove the PageRank coming from links on pages that no longer exist?

Is speed more important than relevance?

Is Google Analytics data a factor in a page’s ranking?



Image SEO Tool – SEOish

Track Your Keyword Positions with SEO Ranking Monitor – SEJ

Keyword Research with Google Only: No Other Tools Needed – Search Engine People

Google Analytics Releases Mobile Search Tracking – SEP

6 Personas that Google Analytics can’t Track – SEOptimise

See More Information on Linked Pages with MashLogic – SEJ

Understanding Google Insights: You Can’t Estimate Traffic with It – SEJ

Using Sysomos to find Keywords for your SEO and SEM – Web Metrics Guru

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Search Patents


Content identification expansion

Automatic completion of fragments of text

Multiple index based information retrieval system

Providing Posts to Discussion Threads in Response to a Search Query


Pseudo-anchor text extraction for vertical search

Recommendation system that identifies a valuable user action by mining data supplied by a plurality of users to find a correlation that suggests one or more actions for notification

Fast on-line learning of transformed hidden Markov models

Searching questions based on topic and focus

Clustering question search results based on topic and focus


Identifying related searches in a database search system

Classifying documents using implicit feedback and query patterns

Building a research document based on implicit/explicit actions

/end SOSG session


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David Harry aka the Gypsy

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Search & Social News: 02/09/2010

  1. “Overcoming The SEO Challenges Of Huge Online Commerce Sites – ok sure, Eric said the dreaded ‘PR sculpting’ but at least it has a new spin (lol). All in all, still a worthy edition for those in ecom. ”

    No, it was an article with crap advice. You can do better than to pick this kind of nonsense for your weekly roundups.

  2. Hiya Michael, as I eluded to, I am not entirely a fan of it… but it is often worth putting things out there to see what others think. I often find myself struggling editorially as to what does and doesn’t make it into the edition. I can say that on MANY occasions I’ve listed items I many not fully endorse. I’ve had experiences with some publications in the search sphere that wanted to censor/editorially inhibit me. So I try to balance the fine line of subjectivity. I prefer there be discussions created than to simply bury it.

    I shall try and put a little more conviction of my own feelings in the future. M’ay? (at least yer still talking to me… it served some purpose :0)