LA Times Homicide Maps : Google Maps Mashup

The LA Times has gone live with a new Google Maps Mashup which shows where homicides have occurred throughout the Los Angeles area.

The Homicide Map mashup is a bit dark, but useful in terms of making sure neighborhoods are safe and what kind of homicides occurred (gunshots vs. blunt force vs. killed by police).

Homicide Maps

[Via ScreenWerk]

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker

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7 thoughts on “LA Times Homicide Maps : Google Maps Mashup

  1. Agreed Loren… Little things, like a map that showed properties for sale. Yard and garage sales. Classifieds for items for sale… etc.

    This seems more to me like riding the coat tails of the Chicago Crime site I referenced last week.

  2. Good point Eric on that Chicago Crime mashup. Yeah, I would get much more use out of mapping upcoming yardsales and planning my routes than crimes or homicides.

    Car thefts, however, would be quite interesting and something I would always keep in mind. Could you imagine a navigator car theft mashup, where your VW Google Maps Navigation system would warn you if you park or drive through a high stolen car risk area… now that would be useful!

  3. I guess it can help you find trouble as well as avoid it, depending on what you’re looking for.

    Visiting from out of town? Looking to buy some crack? I have got a map for you!

  4. Are you kidding? I’m ashamed to be American when I see this “mashup”! Wolle was right! Maybe it’s time to nuke L.A., and start with Hollywood and their bad example movies! Sheesh!

  5. Yeah, let’s nuke Hollywood! Then the “other” Hollywood on the east coast. They call it District of Columbia. Satan’s two favorite cities!