Kid Tech According to Apple

The children of today have been born and raised into a world of digital convenience like we’ve never seen before. Cars that drive themselves, GPS that allows you locate just about anything, and even smart phones that are much more powerful than your dad’s first computer of the ’80s and ’90s. Is it any surprise that mobile devices are so popular on the playground?

Apple is one innovative company that has long realized the potential of the pre-teen mindset. In fact, they have done a fantastic job targeting them with devices such as learning apps, smart devices, and other mobile tech to meet their developmental and educational needs.

MDG Advertising has developed an informative infographic to demonstrate how digital and mobile technology are gaining momentum with children. It shows how Apple is infiltrating children’s lives from the cradle to the classroom, as well as how these smart devices are having a real impact on literacy and learning levels, along with the benefits of these digital tools for special needs education.

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 Kid Tech According to Apple
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 Kid Tech According to Apple

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