Wal-Mart Website Crashes on Black Friday

In an effort to take advantage of the online Black Friday sales currently going on which mirror the in-store sales, I tried to cruise over to Walmart.com and see if I could purchase the Sony PSP for the advertised price of $169.

Because of the popularity of online shopping and Wal*Mart television ads publicizing the ability to do one’s Black Friday shopping online, it seems that Walmart’s servers cannot handle the load:


Walmart.com Scheduled Maintenance

Walmart.com is temporarily unavailable while we make important upgrades to our site. We appreciate your patience and invite you to return soon.

If you need immediate assistance, please email us at help@walmart.com or call Customer Service between the hours of 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. CST at 1-800-966-6546.

Who wants to bet that this is not “Scheduled Maintenance” at Walmart.com?

Update : The Walmart.com site has been up and down all morning.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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14 thoughts on “Wal-Mart Website Crashes on Black Friday

  1. yeah i think it kinda strange cause i tried to log on to walmart.com this morning at 4am an it said the same thing i believe they just dont want to deal with all the online hassel

  2. Yeah and don’t try calling customer service to place the order. You get a busy signal!!!!! They should have known what to expect, do youthink they would have spent the extra money to get the business in. It would have paid for the workup they so desperatly needed.

  3. The Walmart in Berlin VT is saying they didn’t recieve any of the 148 dollar computers. I saw 5 computers behind the shelf and asked her to price check one of them and she said NO.

    Seems the employee’s are as bad as the employer. I’m filing a complaint in Vermont on Monday morning. They advertised a min of five computers in store. Vt will pop them with 5000 fine per 148 computer they didn’t sell to the public.

  4. What do you expect? It’s a cheap company. Do you really think they are going to spend the bucks on the infrastructure. Walmart’s financial model now is to too as much as possible with as little as possible regardless of the consequences. What do you want, cheap prices and cheap stuff, or redundant servers?

  5. I spent several hours fighting with that website on Friday. I finally had my cart loaded with almost $500 worth of merchandise, but the website would not allow me to check out. When I called the 800 number, the clerk stated that her system was “down” too, and she couldn’t even enter my order for me. Disgusted, I cancelled my entire order and spent those dollars elsewhere (amazon.com). Overall, it was NOT worth the aggravation. I just hope they don’t start screaming about a drop in profits this holiday season…

  6. yes i would love for yas compants i got a box chain dolphin from yas about 2 weeks ago and lost it and i can;t find it it hurt me really bad that i lost it would ya please get it back in were i can buy me another one i live in jesup i would really like it if ya can please thanks

  7. Different year same story. I was in the middle of checking out my purchases at Walmart.Com and then it went down and I received the “Scheduled Maintenance” page. All I have to say is Bad Business.

    1. Bad Business? How about a unforseen error. I am sure Walmart would of rather made the sale instead of having the site crash and cost them millions of dollars of lost sales. You missed out on a DS and they missed out of Millions of dollars because of the company they hire to upkeep and maintain their website had an error or made a error. Anyway, I hope you found what you where looking for because I hate seeing people struggle to get their children that special gift. I have been killing my self to get my three nieces the hard to get fad gifts they want! :)

  8. Same for me also. Who would do a scheduled maitenance on black Friday? It has been down for me since 5:10 cst

  9. I called friends at NBC.. it was not an overload.
    I think its more of, get yur butts outta bed and shop and get crushed like the rest of the folks out here.
    Sad part is, they took my credit card number, and instead of seeing confirmation..I got a website down for maintenance.
    OH, they didnt charge me or confirm my purchase. But when I did log back on, my cart was still full with the items I wanted. Too friggen bad, they were now sold out.
    BS. total BS.

  10. Actually the Walmart.com servers are down during the late hours for here in the east coast USA.
    I am bit of a night owl myself and I like to look around at what walmart has to offer, but I get the
    “Scheduled Maintenance” gig any late night hour I get on