SEJ Is Changing For The Better! Here’s How You Can Help

Search Engine Journal has some major changes in store, which we’ll be announcing later this summer. First on the agenda is our logo: help SEJ pick a new “face” from the three candidates below. Please vote for your favorite in the comments. We’re conducting a Facebook poll as well.
The winning logo design will be announced in a few weeks!


Logo A
Logo B
Logo C

Thanks for your expertise!

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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51 thoughts on “SEJ Is Changing For The Better! Here’s How You Can Help

  1. Honestly, I like the current logo. It looks more elegant and professional than the new ones. No offense meant.

  2. Logo B – Easy to read the entire name in one go n it is also looking balanced in terms of font size, alignment and color.

  3. I like none of them, as the gradient will create problems sooner or later, but I dislike A the least. I prefer the current one. It works well in the favicon, probably on your Facebook page, if there is one.

  4. I personally agree with ASH, none are to the mark that is required…. Anyways i would go with B if this are the only options….. 

    I request you to rethink about the logo choosing as current ones seems designs from 90’s.


  5. Sorry to say this but i think a new logo would be better. I feel the logos are too big. Anyway, among the three logos posted above, logo 3 is better.

  6. I know my logo sucks, so I would offer up that they all need work. 

    The Journal green in the dark background does not offer enough contrast for readability. 

    To me It looks like there is some sort of texture, on A and C – lose it. 

    With B I think you are the closest, maybe try B with the fully justified journal underneath the rest, leaving Search Engine where it is.

    Have fun with your changes

  7. I think the existing one is already great . The logo does not need a change.

     Please remove the Ad. that is put in the middle of the article. That is a great distraction and affects the flow and the quality of presentation of the article . (Just a Suggestion)

  8. Why you changing it?  I like it how it is :-) 

    But since you’re changing it – I like “A” the most.

  9. I am new to this website. However, regarding the logo, your current logo is best. It would far exceed the branding of the new ones, if you redesign it to pop, perhaps with the colors of the new three choices.

  10. Personally, I would prefer you stick with the current logo. But if the decision has been made that a change is necessary, then I’d go with Logo B.

    The only suggestion I’d make is that you reconsider the mix of serif and sans serif fonts… go one way or the other (preferably sans serif). The mix just seems awkward.

  11. Naone of are all that great. Though it is hard to judge w/o seeing it in the overall context.

    Why so small though?

  12. I am a regular reader here at SEJ and I have been reading since a couple of years. So I am kinda used to the current logo and design of the site and I feel its still better than all of these three logos. However if the change is certain to take place then I vote for the first one, A.

  13. to be honest i like the current one….. these three of them looks mediocre….   any out of three Logo B is the best