Search Engine Land : Best Search Industry News Blog of 2007

The winner of this year’s Search Industry News Blog of 2007 Award is not just a blog, but the heartbeat of the search marketing industry…

Search Engine Land

Danny Sullivan, Barry Schwartz, Greg Sterling, Vanessa Fox and the rest of the Search Engine Land team ran away with the Best Search Industry News Blog in a landslide!

Gathering the most votes and the most top 5 rankings (46.3% of their voters ranked them a 5), we proudly honor Search Engine Land with this award. Not too shabby for a blog a little over a year old, but with an thinktank that has been steering this industry for 10 years.

The Best SEO Blog of 2007, Search Engine Roundtable came in a second place and other great showings came from Marketing Pilgrim, WebProNews and Search Engine Watch.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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7 thoughts on “Search Engine Land : Best Search Industry News Blog of 2007

  1. I reckon Barry has been cheated!

    Average score for SER is 3.61 with more votes compared to SEL at 3.43.

    I demand a recount…


  2. All very noble but if you’re going to give out awards based on reader votes then surely you should honour those readers. Otherwise you are devaluing their input… You might as well just make an editorial judgement.

    SER scores a higher average vote than SEL (from a similar number of votes) and therefore wins.

  3. congrats to SEL, I think Sphinn is one of the best things that happened to Online Marketers, so props on that also. Consolidated all the good cool news in one place.

  4. Loren elaborated how is going to count votes at this post from yesterday. I also suggested a different metrics, but he decided for his. It’s not an easy to solve dilemma, but once you decide for one way of measuring, you have to stick to it.

    Oh and congrats to Danny and his team of writers over at SEL. It’s deserved, I don;t believe that anybody would doubt that. :)