Google Experimental Search Featured in SERPs

Always innovating, Google’s at it again — this time showing us another product of Google Labs called “Google Experimental Search”. Links to try Google Experimental are being littered in the footer of many search result pages today, as noted by a number of users here at my office.

Google’s Experimental Search is another effort made by Google to improve the end search results for their users. In the Experimental Search program, there are five active experiments to choose from (though, only one can be active at any one time):

  • Alternate views for search results
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Left-hand search navigation
  • Right-hand contextual search navigation

My favorite so far would be the timeline feature which is part of the alternate views experiment. While most of the timeline SERPs I’ve seen are littered with Wikipedia entries, it matches the context of what I would expect from a search tool like this.

Give Google Experimental Search a spin today and post your comments here on Search Engine Journal to let us know what you think of this new tool!

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7 thoughts on “Google Experimental Search Featured in SERPs

  1. I wish I could sign up for the alternate views and keyword suggestions at the same time, but alas, I can only choose one.
    I settled on the alternate views. All very useful and time wasting at the same time.

  2. I checked it out as well, I am not as impressed with this one as other lab projects in the past though – even their own examples were kind of hard to follow, at least IMO. I guess you would need to be looking specifically for something with a timeline or geographic location, etc. to make it really be worth it I suppose. Awesome post though, as always you are on top of the latest and greatest.

  3. Funny I came across this post today as I just discovered the time line option a few hours ago. Did it just come out today?

    It made me wish I was a kid again and was in charge of creating a time line about some war or period. Google has sure made it easy to complete homework!

  4. No kidding! I just started my new website, a directory for egyptian mau breeders, and have fallen in love with all of googles tools. Analytics is my favorite. I am going to have to check out thise one.

  5. Excellent example of how Google wants to be relevant. And how smart to let us help them decide what we want.Great example of link bait, too! I’m going for the right hand navigation search … more choices for me!