Alexa Traffic Rank Numbers Update

Alexa Traffic Rank Numbers Update’s Alexa, which now sports Windows Live powered search instead of Google, updated its Alexa Traffic Rank numbers today to reflect estimated site traffic over February, March & April.

Given the amount of press Alexa has received via the Microsoft & search partnership, the reach of the Alexa & A9 toolbars may have grown a bit in the past couple of days – possibly adding to Alexa’s accuracy or atleast breathing some new life into the old school toolbar & site metrics tool.

Regardless, Alexa leans heavily to sites visited by those within the web marketing, SEO, advertising and webmaster world, but it’s still one of the only site traffic ranking systems on the market.

Here’s a rundown of the new Alexa Traffic Rank ratings of my sites and other search related blogs and communities.

Search Engine Journal : 9,225

Search Engine Lowdown : 24.045

Search Engine Guide : 5,878

Search Engine Watch : 1,009

V7N : 3,357

Looksmart : 3,793

Yahoo : 1

What’s your site’s Alexa ranking? Feel free to list it below in the Comments box.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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12 thoughts on “Alexa Traffic Rank Numbers Update

  1. My traffic has been growing tremendously over the last few months, however my traffic rating only increased by 1,000. I guess all the guys overseas don’t use the Alexa toolbar. Damn . . . at least my free tools are getting some use. 😉

  2. The concern over Alexa is just that…

    Regardless, Alexa leans heavily to sites visited by those within the web marketing, SEO, advertising and webmaster world,…

    One would assume that people in those industries are more likely to download the ALEXA toolbar or anything they use.

    How are they compensating for this potential skew?

    –> are they using Cookies from other varied sites…?

    –> are they using statistics from Web trackers via other companies…?

    –> are they making theoretical statistical calculations to “fill in the voids”…?

    Pehaps you could do an interview with the Alexa Search Quality Engineer

  3. Just below the 1 mill mark :-) But then again, our site is about 2 weeks old.

    Interesting to see if Alexa’s accuracy will improve.

  4. Holding at 18,483 even though I use Maxthon & Foxfire and we have several macs. That tells me that the hits are outside our use.

  5. My site is not a SEO one but rather a cultural one. My site traffic rank broke to 87,090 last week from the range of 400,000th in two months. What’s an enjoyment! But my real traffic does not seem to change so rapidly. Anyone has an idea ?

  6. My website is holding steady at 3.2 million. This month I have been spreading many articles around and I did a press release. I really hope to see my ranking get better on Alexa within the next month.