Google Integrates a Virtual Keyboard to Search

Google has just rolled out a new search feature that would benefit those who search using non-English language. If you’re one of these people you’d be glad to know that Google search now features a virtual keyboard that would let you type search keywords in your own language.

Wait, it’s not really a touchscreen virtual keyboard like what the iPhone and other touchscreen phones have but an “onscreen keyboard” which you control using your computer’s keyboard. You can either click on the virtual keys or by pressing the corresponding keys on your computer’s keyboard.

You will see this virtual keyboard if you use Google search in any of the non-English languages supported by Google’s virtual search keyboard. A keyboard icon will appear on the left-most corner of the screen which when you click on it will bring out the virtual keyboard.

More details about the Google Search virtual keyboard can be found here.


Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra

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