SEO Quiz: What Stage of Your SEO Career Are You at?

I have mentioned previously that online quizzes are fun, so why not set up one for SEO community? So would you like to know how advanced SEO you are? Please take the quiz below (or take it via this link: What Stage of SEO Career Are You at?)

Thanks a lot to Gerald Weber, Houston SEO, for his huge help in creating the quiz.

Disclosure: I am not sure we need one here, but I am sure someone will criticize me if we don’t have one. So, this quiz is not meant to evaluate your SEO knowledge, please don’t take it seriously.

Ann Smarty
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Ann Smarty

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14 thoughts on “SEO Quiz: What Stage of Your SEO Career Are You at?

  1. Where I wrote “What” please read “Why”, and where I wrote “Great” please read “Awesome”. I am off to jump from some bridge now :-) See? I really needed the quiz!

  2. Ah ah that quiz was pretty cool. Thanks for putting it together. I’m quite certain that SERP results are determined by a group of trained monkeys at the Google headquarters.

  3. LOL, looking at the stats, I see MOST SEOs are too serious. Didn’e plan that – answers matching that result are pretty random (the quiz is just for fun), so that’s a cool coincidence I guess :)

  4. I get a MySQL error when I try to take the quiz – maybe functionality more important than SEO?