Google Puts Hurricane Sandy on the Crisis Map: Helping the Eastern Seaboard Through Frankenstorm

The impending landfall of Hurricane Sandy has many people along the Eastern Seaboard changing their plans for this week. While residents in Brooklyn are boarding up or evacuating, Google made the decision to cancel its Android event today. Along with bottled water and canned goods, information is one of the most valuable commodities at times like these. To better serve families and businesses in the area affected by Frankenstorm, Google has put Hurrican Sandy on its Crisis Map.

The crisis map brings together lots of useful information in layers that you can turn on and off to customize the experience. As you can see, I turned on several features before taking a screen shot. In this image you have the current location of Sandy (very bottom of the image), the forecast track, three-day cone, radar information, weather warnings, webcams, and related YouTube Videos.

This is a great resource for those preparing for the weather as well as friends and family keeping an eye on loved ones.

Image Credit: Google Crisis Map

Michelle Stinson Ross
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Michelle Stinson Ross
Michelle Stinson Ross