Google Makes its Place Page More Engaging

If you’re a verified Google Places business owner,  and the Place Page for your business has received public reviews, you can now respond to these reviews starting today. Google has enabled this feature to make Google Places more engaging for both you and Google Maps users who’ve chanced upon your business. Hence, Google Places is now a more useful and better way of knowing your customers and finding out more about them to improve your products or services.

Screen shot 2010 08 05 at 5.36.43 AM Google Makes its Place Page More Engaging

The new feature would also help you out in turning negative review into possibly a positive one by allowing you to acknowledge the constructive criticism and reassuring customers that you’d improve based on their comments.

For more details on how you can churn out effective responses to user reviews and comments, check out Google’s tips on how to respond to reviewers. Instructions on how to actually respond is detailed in these  instructions.

 Google Makes its Place Page More Engaging
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 Google Makes its Place Page More Engaging

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