Google has 32% of the share of web searches

Recent statistics indicate that within the USA Google has 32% of the share of web searches followed by 26% conducted via Yahoo, 18% by AOL and 17% by MSN, the other major players in the market.

At the same time while 76% of its own search enquiries are powered by Google technology, Google technology additionally powers search engine technology for MSN, Ask Jeeves and some other small players, giving it over 50% of the search engine market.

The search engine market is now the second most used feature of the Internet after e-mails. One of the key spin-offs from the surge in use of search engines is advertising. Search engines have boosted the flagging virility of web advertising.

They provide advertisers with a new and growing arena for getting their messages across via the web. It can enable advertisers to specifically, and in a very focused way, target their advertising.

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7 thoughts on “Google has 32% of the share of web searches

  1. Google needs to become more than a site we visit to search. The google toolbar, deskbar,, are examples of google going in the right direction

  2. Subject: Search Engines (Google/Yahoo+Others) ads removed and replaced w/own ads. Is that legal? How can I stop them?

    I am a small time publiseher. I came across the 550 Access Toolbar which removes search engien ads, but goes one step further. It removes the search engine ads but also puts in there own ads! Link: Download. I came across to this website from which has given there toolbar a star rating.

    Bottom Line: 1) It blocks search engine ads. (Including Google/Yahoo) 2) Replaces the search engine ads with there own ads with the toolbar.

    Is this legal? What can I do as a publisher to stop them? And how can I get the search engines to stop them. I am concerned because its effects my livelyhood.


  3. Ask Jeeves is NOT powered by Google!! Ask Jeeves is powered by Teoma Technology. Maybe you should have Asked Jeeves to check your facts for you before writing false information on the net.