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Your 69 Minutes of Fame on Digg

NewScientist had a great article yesterday about the lifespan of a story on Digg. After a very comprehensive study (they looked at the 29,864 most popular stories during 2006), the researchers concluded that the average sustained surge in popularity that a story receives after hitting Digg’s front page lasts a mere 1 hour and 9 minutes. After this point, the users of Digg have likely found something else newly promoted to the front page to occupy their interests and your story is shuffled off of the front page.
Unless a user is camped out on the site or constantly going to the pages deeper then the front page, they will miss a lot of content throughout the day. It would seem that Digg’s addition of the Top 10 right hand side module dampens this “one and done” effect a little bit, but making that more-static list usually requires having a Digg count somewhere near 1000.
mgs diggstack Your 69 Minutes of Fame on Digg
The important thing to take away from this study is that while Digg’s front page is a great source of traffic, the exposure you receive from it is quite fleeting. This is why it is important to construct content with a purpose beyond hitting the front page of Digg. Sure, that 69 minutes will be great – assuming your server doesn’t give out – but once that time is up, the readers of Digg will have started moving on to the newer content. While there will be residual effects for the next few days, the only real way to stay in the minds of readers and hopefully get them to return to your site is to have solid content in place when the readers do visit.
The researchers go on to suggest that the short attention span of the Digg collective likely holds true with other social news sites as well. Keep this in mind when crafting your content.
And yes, the article did make it to the front-page of Digg yesterday. No official word on whether it was there for 69 minutes.

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One thought on “Your 69 Minutes of Fame on Digg

  1. very intersting analysis…
    the attention economy is making the life & businesses very vibrant and at the end of the day internet is becoming more of an useless medium, as it lacks trustworthiness. Internet (attention) pollution has become a critical issue which needs to be addressed by all responsible citizens.
    social networking is a fade.