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Yelp Adds Two New Filters on its Yelpy Insights

In the battle of content and reviews from local search, Foursquare is definitely making an interesting move here. However, Yelp will not leave the battle arena without a fight. The online urban city guide announced last Wednesday its “Yelpy Insight” feature, which also introduces two new filters that will make it easier for users to find the right local business of their interest.

Starting this week, Yelp will begin testing their two new filters, the “Liked by Vegetarians” and “X-Somethings.” These were designed to narrow their search results and match the user’s interest and age.

Liked by Vegetarians

Liked by Vegetarians is specially designed for the veggie lover users. Yelp has received multiple user feedback from them, stating that they want to find locations that serve sumptuous vegan treats but outside of the “Vegetarian” or “Vegan” categories. This filter particularly looks for non-vegan restaurants that offer vegetarian options.

The location-based website was able to solve this problem through machine learning. Their software engineers created a program that scans and analyzes user reviews to return valuable output. Using keywords and clues, the Yelpy Insights will produce results that could be popular among the vegans.


On the other hand, X-Somethings was created to let users search for local businesses that are popular to a particular age group. This is made possible through a user’s birth year that he or she provided when creating a Yelp profile. In turn, the online location-based website can show the local businesses relevant to a searcher’s needs, interest and age.

However, the website doesn’t share a user’s private information. What they do is learn from signals based on reviews and user profiles, how groups like different businesses, and then aggregate and use that information to improve Yelp’s user search experience.

Expanding Search Filters for Location-based Online Services

Last January, Foursquare expanded its services by introducing its browser-based “Explore” feature, which was previously available on mobile platform only. This provided users an access to several new filtering options, and acquire results based on Foursquare tips and check-ins. However, it seems like Yelp is able to beat Foursquare in terms of service expansion. That’s because their popular search options are now part of their default filters.

The Liked by Vegetarians filter is now available on the “Features” section, as well as checkboxes to refine results about businesses liked by 20, 30 or 40-somethings. Furthermore, people could expect the online urban city guide to test a few more filters if they saw favorable results on their latest addition.