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Yahoo launches Yodel Anecdotal

Lately, more and more companies have been starting blogs because they now know how much it can potentially help their business. It is a great way for a company to communicate with their customers and also respond to and get feedback from them. With all the small companies’ blogging, such as 37signal’s blog, Signal vs. Noise and’s blog, digg the blog, it is no wonder that Yahoo has decided to launch their corporate blog Yodel Anecdotal.

Yodel Anecdotal is not the type of blog you visit to check if there’s a new API for that JavaScript library you so dearly love nor is it the kind of blog you go to get info on the company’s earnings reports. It’s what Yahoo! is all about – the culture, the traditions and some dabbling of current hot topics in the general tech realm. You don’t have to be a Computational Media major at a top 10 public university to understand what’s going on. User interaction is encouraged on Yodel Anecdotal. I would say more but I think Nicki Dugan covered it all when she wrote the about page. If you’re wondering what the name is all about… pick up the feed and stay tuned.

This is a good move for Yahoo because now their users can get to know them like many know Google. People who have never even been to the Googleplex have a good understanding of what Google is all about, while most people cannot say that about Yahoo. With all the different Yahoo employees’ blogging and being a part of Yodel Anecdotal, hopefully we will get a better understanding of the culture at Yahoo and what it is all about.

 Yahoo launches Yodel Anecdotal
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