Social Media

What You Need to Know about Social Media Marketing

Most online marketers think that social media marketing is new, free and only takes days to set up and deliver results. What most of them didn’t know is that the concept of social media marketing has been present since time immemorial. Moreover, it takes time, costs money and requires hard work.

Breaking the Misconceptions

Brands and business starting with social media marketing feels that what they’re doing is something new. That’s why it’s a no-brainer that they would sometimes jump into the water without thinking and planning.

The concept of social media marketing has been executed even before Internet was invented. For instance, if you visit a restaurant, there’s a high possibility that your friend pointed you to it. Then you will recommend it to your other friends, and those who’ll try and visit it will inform their friends about the restaurant. In the end, you and your friends were able to spread the word about it.

Another misconception that most online marketers encounter is that social media is a tool to promote a brand. Although that could be the case, this platform is also used to target a business’ potential market and search for their ambassadors.

Targeting Your Audience Through Social Media

Online marketers make the mistake of creating a social media account because they feel like it. They forget to consider whether they can reach majority of their target market using a particular platform. That’s why in any marketing campaign, it is always advised to think and plan first.

Consider who your target audience will be, and whether your primary social media platform can help you tap a big part of that market. Are they on Twitter or Facebook? Maybe you should also check out Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest.

You also have to make sure that you are not looking at your target market one-dimensionally. It is made up of your potential customers and possible brand ambassadors, giving you plenty of rooms to take advantage of. Use social media wisely so that you can promote your brand to your target customers, and encourage your ambassadors to spread the word for you.

Thus, there’s no need to gather all the fans that you can get unless you think that they are qualified. Otherwise, your effort will be put to waste. The reason it’s called “social” is because your goal is to create and establish your online presence in order to create brand awareness on the World Wide Web.