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What Social Media Taught Me About Branding

Once you have been a part of a socially driven community for long enough, you begin to recognize that certain users constantly submit stories about some specific topics. Why do they do this and what can you learn from this?
For example, if you read The Wizards of Buzz article, you may have noted that Elise Bauer submits food-related stories, Mark Nunes submits on foreign film, Ilcin Turkan submits surreal or politically oriented photographs, and so on. By sticking to a few very specific topics – it helps if they are currently under-served – these users are able to make themselves not only stand out from the crowd of people just submitting content for the mainstream audience, but they ultimately become the go-to source for their preferred topics. In essence, these users, by submitting quality content under a few specific topics, begin to brand themselves accordingly (whether they know it or not).
A real-life example: When you think of Sony, what product do you think of and what do you think they do well? By trying to branch out into too many different markets (even though they may be vertically integrated) not only has the company diluted its image but one can argue that in pursuit of becoming a jack of all trades they have failed to master any of them. There are companies that make better digital audio/video players, better televisions, arguably better gaming consoles, home entertainment systems, and so on.
Just like the above mentioned social bookmarkers stick to a few fields, you should too stick to a few things and try to do them well. Lest the same fate as Sony befalls your company.

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3 thoughts on “What Social Media Taught Me About Branding

  1. Muhammad – nice post – many people never fully realize the power of branding. Specialization is a magical and the most elusive ingredient.

  2. Muhammad, I guess I’m too much like Sony and have too many interest to focus on one thing. My digg sheet is pretty eclectic, but the majority falls under web related interest.