What is Spam? – Visualized

A few weeks ago we’ve published a fun post on How Social Media Sites Are Fighting Spam.

One of our guest bloggers decided to visualize it. The author extends the topic far  beyond social media and looks at the subject from different angles.


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Dona Collins

Dona Collins

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27 thoughts on “What is Spam? – Visualized

  1. I would get 50 emails A DAY if I turned of my spam filters?! On top of the 230 or so REQUESTED emails I get that I no longer read (I really should unsubscribe!)?

    Good Lord…

    Brilliant infographic, thank you. :)

  2. Great article and way of visualising spam!!

    I can’t imaging a world without a spam checker…I’d sink!!

  3. Yahoo’s filter works pretty well, but it sometimes sends wanted mail to the spam folder. I’ve had the same account since 1997 and get about 20 spams a day.

  4. Love this inforgraphic, it explained everything. I am expecting a barrage of spam emails in the coming few weeks going to Christmas season. I had noted increase in span emails on my Inbox in the past few days but I am glad Yahoo is doing a good job of filtering it all.

  5. I think the IG should be reshaped vertically, it’s a bit stretched, round objects are actually oval…. moderator, please, have a look at the html code

  6. yes you are right Dona. As a webmaster i got so many emails per hour and most of them are spam. I find myself distracted deleting them and the well known brand anti spamming company also failed to restrict them.

    I don’t find ideas that’s workable but the uploaded image of infographic is worth appreciating.

  7. Brilliant article, helps lift the veil on a very sick bunch of puppies. And explains the economics of spam so well.

  8. it’s a great info-graphic just can’t seem to understand the 35 Million part
    how can 28 responders rake up $3.5 million

    1. I think it means 28 different products sold, not a product sold to just 28 people. Those 28 products could have been sold to thousands of people.

      Also, it doesn’t indicate against repeat business if people like the product and/or company they bought from.

  9. Silent Banning the best way to go. But don’t need to promote much about Silent banning as they could use the proxy available all across the Globe, Only 0.5% of Spammers are intelligent others are just labors.

  10. There are a lot of ways these companies get your email address. You may have signed up for a newsletter or promotions with one of them, or you may have ordered a product or service that requires registration from a website first.

  11. That is the kind of spam that are happening 2 years back. There are no panda or penguin update that time. However even today, there are still lots of people who manage to game Google in spite of Google having two of the mos advance algorithm update.