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Using Comments to Boost Your Website’s SEO

Websites would always want to generate more leads in order to improve their page rank in search engines. This is the web master’s way of making sure that their content will have the exposure that it deserves. Good thing, posting blog comments is one way to boost a website’s search engine optimization efforts.

Search for Related Blogs

As website owner, the first thing you need to do is create a list of blogs that are relevant to your niche. Bookmark the sites that your target audience will most likely to visit. That way, you are sure to get “link juice” from this blogs when you post your comment.

Subscribe to Your Targeted Blogs

You can optimize your website through blog comments if you know how to follow a relevant blog. Bookmarking a blog can help you get automatic updates, enabling you to share related information from your website to whatever post there is in the landing page. It is important that you make an active interaction at the landing page since it’s the first thing that visitors see.

Focus on High-ranking Blogs

While it is already established that posting blog comments on related blogs can help you get backlinks for your website, Google, on the other hand, sees this backlinks as vote of confidence for your website. That’s why acquiring inbound links from credible websites with better marketing strategy is a great way to improve your page rank.

Using Your Targeted Keywords

More than acquiring backlinks, you also have to make sure that your website ranks well for your selected keyword. You can achieve this through selecting specific keywords related to your blog and using them as an anchor text when posting a comment. Just make sure you use your selected keyword to your post’s title and URL. This also ensures that search engine robots will index your blog under your chosen keyword.

Post Valuable Comments

While acquiring backlinks can really optimize your website’s page rank, your target audience will not visit your site if your comments don’t sound credible. You must post quality comments that showcase how knowledgeable you are with the topic. In turn, you can entice readers to visit your blog for more information.


Posting a comment on someone else’s blog doesn’t really guarantee that you will reap any rewards. Boosting your website’s search engine rank is more than posting “Visit my blog for more information” in the comments. This means that you also have to ensure that your visitors will see relevant and informative posts on your website. That way, your blog can establish its online presence to your target audience.