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Timeline-like Cover Photos Heads on to Facebook Groups

Freelance marketing strategy consultant Dennis Baranov tipped Inside Facebook that Timeline-like cover photos are now available to some Facebook Groups. This redesign is associated with the search engine giant’s efforts to make a consistent Timeline profile overhaul.

How Facebook Timeline for Groups Looks Like

Facebook Groups will have a collage of its member’s profile photo as a default cover image. Each photo in the collage can redirect you to their individual account. The cover image is also slightly transparent, and its color can be restored when a mouse is hovered over it.

Inside Facebook also got a tip that any member can change the cover image. This is a bit surprising knowing that the feature requires an admin. Regardless, there might be an option for group owners to disable members to change the cover image.

As for the group’s Wall, it hasn’t been changed to Timeline format. This contributed to the fact that posts in Facebook Groups change depending on the activity. For instance, when a member comments on an old post, it’ll move to the top of the page.

Facebook Groups and the Timeline Profile

While the Timeline-like cover image is not yet available for all Facebook Groups, the overhaul is set to roll out for all user profiles soon. However, this won’t affect how your group members can view your profile. As posted on Facebook Help Center:

“Joining a group does not expose the contents of your profile (timeline) to any group members who would not normally be able to see that information. The privacy settings for your account control the same openness to your profile (timeline), regardless of the groups you join.

“To hide your account within a group, you will need to completely restrict your search settings so that Only Friends can find your account. Once this is done, only friends will be able to view your name in the list of group members. However, if you still choose to write Wall posts, start discussion topics, or add photos or videos to the group, other members will be able to see that content and determine that you are also a member.”

This is the first time that a Timeline feature was added to another Facebook area. Why it’s still a wonder to various brands how Facebook Page will look like with Timeline, the changes that occurred in some Facebook Groups suggest that it will not be a total redesign from their part.

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5 thoughts on “Timeline-like Cover Photos Heads on to Facebook Groups

  1. The Timeline Profile for a personal wall on facebook was bad enough, I know of no-one who likes it, and there’s more than 2500 friends & family of mine that are on fb. That being said I have faith that Timeline for groups will be an even more “enamored” subject. 2 words: It sucks. Its easier for me to read Ancient Egyptian Car touche, than the back and forth of Timeline. Its a pain in the neck. Literally.

  2. till a few weeks back the timeline of my grop was dynamic with the photos were changing as and when any member visited the page , showing the photos of last 5-6 memebers…but now it has frozen and th e same photos appear all the time….how do i get back to previous style which was better and dynamic