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Time to Join StumbleUpon

A redesigned StumbleUpon homepage takes the service a few steps closer to ‘traditional’ social bookmarking and socially driven news and content sites. At the same time, the redesign provides a great opportunity for hesitant users who were previously confused or put off by the service to join its ranks.
Many who were previously quick to dismiss the service as confusing, often because of its reliance on a browser-based toolbar with no visible feedback like other social web discovery and content driving services will find much to like in this redesign.

They have added a lot of new features which are listed below in bullet by bullet format:
-New section which declares the recently popular sites.
-“Recent Stumblers” section on the right which shows the people who’ve stumbled recently.
-A section in the bottom for showing the most popular topics at Stumble Upon.
-The classic testimonial section in the bottom right of the page.

Taking one look at the new design shows striking similarities in terms of how content is displayed as well:
msaleem su1 Time to Join StumbleUpon
msaleem su2 Time to Join StumbleUpon
As you can see, both services (the second one being Digg) show titles, followed by submitter, time of submission, summary of linked content, commentary, and categorization. The only differences being the words used by either service.
Here is a cheat sheet of StumbleUpon vocabulary and the ‘traditional’ equivalents:
Reviewed by = Submitted by
Number of reviews = Number of comments
Number of Stumbles = Number of votes
Tags = Categories
With over 1 million registered users and almost 400,000 unique monthly visitors, StumbleUpon is most certainly a traffic generating vehicle that you should be taking advantage of. Not only that, but the service quickly displays the most popular topics on the site to help you determine if it is the right for your content/services. If you’re ready to jump right in, learn how to StumbleUpon and how to get StumbledUpon.

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3 thoughts on “Time to Join StumbleUpon

  1. I noticed they took away the amount of traffic and votes each site received. They weren’t exact numbers, just “bucket loads” “tons” “some” and so on, but it was still interesting to watch.

  2. Just friended you Engtech
    I love Stumbleupon – linked through to my profile if anyone wants to share their favorite sites.
    Technologies are crossing over – it would be easy to make a Digg toolbar to browse your friends Diggs