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The Mother's Day 2011 Google Doodle

From flowers to gift baskets, from children baking dinner to mom’s spa getaway, the second Sunday in May is a great day for mothers to celebrate. Ah yes, Mother’s Day has a great many traditions, and one of the most crucial – the Google Doodle commemorating the occasion – has been fulfilled with a simple but elegant version of the logo that says the Google name in purple, in a stenciled style, and with a violet flower replacing the L.

This follows another tradition from Google: using a flower to represent the holiday. Over the last twelve years, the flower has been used eleven times, with two of those logos being used in 2009. (Since Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days in May dependent on which country you live in, Google created multiple logos in 2009. They went back to their standard of using the same logo on each Mother’s Day; the logo appearing on the Google site for May 8th also appeared in other countries on May 1st.) The two exceptions have been a mother duck receiving a flower from a duckling (2008) and the two Os of Google’s title being replaced by crayon pictures, one of which was – of course – of a flower (2007).

Why the flower? The explanation is fairly simple. Since the commercialization of the holiday, the most popular gift has been flowers, including last-minute flower delivery services for the special day. Since many have already gone to do searches for flowers, it makes a lot of sense to have a logo that matches this core holiday concept. This year saw a 450 percent increase for flower and flower-related searches, with other major holiday searches including Mother’s Day crafts (up 180 percent), kids crafts (up 200 percent), and poems (up 400 percent). What did you search for this Mother’s Day?