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The Fastest Way to Digg

Back in October, I did a comparison of load times for the three major socially driven sites, Digg, Netscape, and Reddit. The results were quite obvious: Reddit was the fastest, since it is almost entirely text-based, Netscape came in second, and Digg was last, as expected. A few months later, Digg updated the site but failed to improve speed. The newly updated DiggRiver helps alleviate the situation.
I have long been using various different mobile versions of Digg to browse the content on the site without having to load the actual site which is plagued with exorbitant load times. But one problem that persisted across the board was the inability to Digg a story directly from the mobile version of the site. Now, with the newly updated version of DiggRiver (Digg’s official mobile site), the team has finally added the ability to Digg stories.
msaleem diggriverdiggupd The Fastest Way to Digg
While the mobile version of the site may not be the prettiest, a quick speed test shows that the mobile version is more than 10-20 times faster (at various speeds) than the actual site, and without any significant loss in the user experience for the majority of the community. Results
msaleem driverspd2 The Fastest Way to Digg
Digg | River Results
msaleem driverspd The Fastest Way to Digg
Speed tests courtesy of Web Site Optimization.
**Disclaimer: I am a Netscape Navigator.

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