Social Media

The Building Blocks of Social Media Marketing

Whether it’s for media distribution, marketing purposes or customer service, the use of social media to your business depends on your goal. Unfortunately, most brand owners dive in to social media marketing without setting up their goals first. In turn, they end up hesitating why they’re doing this. If you don’t want the same thing to happen to you, you must set your goal and create a workflow on how you can achieve it.

Below are the building blocks of social media marketing that you should know:

Setting Up Your Goals

The common mistake committed by business owners is that they include social media marketing to their promotional efforts without a goal in mind. Regardless of what you want to achieve, what’s important is that it’s attainable and must have tangible measurements. Instead of saying “I want to increase the number of my newsletter subscribers,” make it “I want to increase the number of my newsletter subscribers by 30% within the next six months.”

Understanding which Tools to Use

In order to accomplish your business goals, you must understand first which social network are apt for it. If you’re aiming at professionals or business people, you can use email marketing or LinkedIn to reach them. Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, are ideal for targeting a more casual type of customers. Not knowing where and how you can reach your potential market is just a waste of time.

Creating Brand Awareness

Now that you know where and how you can reach you potential customers, it’s time to build your business’ online presence. The key here is creating a compelling and competent content. Just because you’ve created a video and uploaded it on YouTube doesn’t mean that people will see it immediately. You have to promote it to your target market, and make sure that they’ll find something useful on it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to create a loyal customer out of your visitors. In order to create a compelling content, you have to listen to their needs and make it a point for your business to address it.

Capturing User Information

Reaching your target market and converting them as a loyal customer is not enough. You’ll need a database where you can keep their contact information, so that it’ll be easy for you to re-engage them. That way, you can easily establish your online presence.

Although setting up a social media account is easy, it’s not comparable when you use it for marketing purposes. Hence, you should set your business goals first, understand where and how you can use it, and keep learning until you’re able to hit the mark.