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Text Link Ads, Now Social Media Optimized

I received an email from Text Link Ads Publisher Support yesterday regarding a new product they have released – Post Level Text Link Ads. The idea is quite exceptional, and looking at it from a social media perspective, considering the importance of social media today, one has to wonder why no one thought of this before.
Have a look at the following example ad:
saleem tlasocial Text Link Ads, Now Social Media Optimized
With the rise of socially driven content aggregation and dissemination sites, even sites that don’t have regularly good content, can become one hit wonders. Take for example the site Doomlaser. While the site was relatively recently established and doesn’t have much content to speak of, the latest entry on the site was Dugg (mirror).
What this means is that inevitably, many other sites will specifically link to the content on that page, and while the blog in general isn’t popular (and may not become popular), that specific post will get decent referral traffic from all the links the Dugg content will generate. Given that, while you are highly unlikely to advertise on Doomlaser in general, it’s probably not a bad idea to advertise on that one post from the blog. Similarly, from the site-owner’s perspective, while the author would be unable to sell ads on the main site, it is possible to sell ads on that one post now.
msaleem tlasocial2 Text Link Ads, Now Social Media Optimized
While I gave an extreme example, it works just as well even on a big site where the content is regularly good. Let’s for the sake of argument, look at this site. Our beginner’s guide to Digg has 175 linkbacks and ranks at number 15 on Google for the word ‘Digg’. As a result, you are much better off advertising just on that post (of course it depends on your goals), compared to any other post on this site.
This is definitely a great idea that captures the heartbeat of new online media today, if only Text Link Ads could market it properly (both to buyers and sellers) the potential could be huge.

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2 thoughts on “Text Link Ads, Now Social Media Optimized

  1. Nice one there. I got the same email (since I’m a Text-Link-Ads publisher too) but hesitated with implementing it. Now that I got this explanation from your blog, I’d go give it a try.
    To our success!