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Stress and Social Networking Sites

Does interacting on social networking sites really cause stress?

Apparently, according to author Dr. Gennaro D’Amato of the Department of Respiratory Diseases who has noted that this unusual occurrence is becoming more common as more people interact on social networks. He noted that many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be traced to a new, developing source of psychological stress that can also be connected to other physical ailments or conditions.

The case that triggered the interest and research into these findings were that of a young man who experienced a severe asthma attack after his ex-girlfriend “unfriended” him from her Facebook page, yet he discovered pictures of her still on Facebook. He was under the impression that she had just deleted her account.

Although situations like the one the young man experienced aren’t so unusual, the question is whether or not social sites should be made responsible for anything negative or stressful that can result from the information on the site.

Social networking sites are just another form of interacting for people. Other conditions like a bad day at work, or a sick child can attribute to a person’s stress level as well. Therefore, according to a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Liverpool, Peter Kinderman, all stress should be placed into perspective and dealt with according to its own criteria.

Mr. Kinderman agrees that while there is no way to avoid stress, people should limit as best as possible their exposure and involvement to stress from all sources. In other words, if there is a possibility or potential for you to gain upsetting information by looking for an old boyfriend or girlfriend on a social networking site, then just don’t do it, especially if it’s going to cause undue medical stress in addition.