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Sophisticated Analytical Tools are Coming to Twitter

Twitter’s Manager for News and Journalism Erica Anderson announced last Saturday that the micro-blogging site will launch an array of new tools in the coming months. During the social media weekend in Columbia University in New York, she commented that the analytical tools will help publishers track the reach of their tweets. Although the exact Twitter tools were not revealed, it’s deemed similar to HootSuite and SocialFlow. So far, whether it’ll be integrated to Twitter Web Analytics or not remains to be seen.

The Twitter Web Analytics

Last September, the micro-blogging site announced its Web Analytics tool. It was released following the acquisition of the social analytics platform. It’s designed to help website owners understand how much traffic they generate form the micro-blogging site. It also gives them insights on how effective are their Twitter integrations on various sites. The Web Analytics tool provides three key benefits for website owners:

  1. Understand how much web content is being shared across Twitter
  2. The amount of traffic that Twitter brings to a website
  3. Measures how effective the Twitter button integration on a website is

Through this tool, website owners can accurately see how well their Twitter activity is and the amount of traffic it generates. With the announcement of new analytical tools coming to the micro-blogging site in a few months, the service can definitely get better.

Benefits of Twitter’s Analytical Tool for Marketers

Analytics is very important for online marketers. It helps them decide which Internet marketing tactic is working and which is not. The same with social media marketing, they should also identify which social media sites generate better results.

With Twitter’s analytical tools, online marketers will have an idea of how effective their Twitter marketing efforts are. It’ll help them better understand the impact of their brand’s presence on the micro-blogging site. The new analytical tools will also provide smarter and more powerful data to publishers, letting them know where their brand’s Twitter marketing is heading. That being said, it’ll be easier for website owners to measure inbound and outbound Twitter referrals to their site.


Although Anderson didn’t tell whether the new analytical tools will include trend spotting, she hopes that more people will use Twitter to predict market behavior. She also added that they’re also working on a new account and blog that’s maintained by the company. It’ll “highlight great pieces of Twitter in real time,” showing various ways of how people are using the micro-blogging site.

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