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Social Media Suite Launched By Jaguar Land Rover

In the Mena region in India, high-end luxury car makers have developed their own set of social networking components launched towards the car manufacturer’s target markets. Tata Motors of India is the first automotive manufacturer to launch what is a first of its kind targeted social media “suite” for their Jaguar Land Rover automobile business.

The automobile manufacturer plans to create and market a wide range of social media sites with a bevvy of interactive features and information-rich platforms. The manufacturer sees an opportunity for a service of this kind in the region and wants to capitalize on that opportunity to couple their high-end product with technology and social networking for their customers.

Part of their offerings will include blogs and articles that are full of valuable and rich content, targeted towards potential customers. The blogs will host content that’s targeted towards giving customers lots of product information including the latest news on the models and any updates or changes with the models. Jaguar and Land Rover will also provide behind-the-scenes footage and live streaming video on the social site. Much of the content will be from their regional and global events so as to completely involve the customer in all aspects.

The blogs will also have an aesthetically appealing feature for customers: each blog will be featured under a nameplate with the Jaguar and Land Rover Brands on them. This small addendum will personalize the blogs, creating more brand awareness.

Will the suite of social blog sites be effective? The company’s marketing director, Hannah Naji, is very optimistic about this important step for the brand. With the region now having over 40 million internet users, the potential for them to tap into that segment of potential customers is limitless. Of those 40 million internet users, over 15 million of them are Facebook users, and Jaguar Land Rover sees great potential for that area as well.

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Suite Launched By Jaguar Land Rover

  1. Don’t buy a Land Rover. Land Rover does not warranty its vehicles. Land Rover produced Freelander vehicles with defective engines and has not recalled the vehicle. There have been over 300 complaints filed with a US government agency, but Land Rover has not recalled the vehicle nor contacted owners regarding defective engines.

    Shame on Land Rover!!

  2. Hi Jen,

    That’s an opportunity for Land Rover to come out and talk to their fans. They must be opened and talk about the technical problems Land Rover has faced lately. No car is perfect, we could not expect Land Rover to be. In fact LR is one of the best cars out there on its segment, with its imperfections. But all those complaints and all the bad issues must be transparent and LR guys must show their fans that they are working to provide solutions and that they care for their customers. That’s we want to hear.