Social Media

Social Fresh Connects With HubSpot

Social Fresh’s goal as a social media education company is to inspire companies to use social media to create more valuable marketing connections. For online marketers, social media education begins with understanding the concept of the idea, and how it works in order for a business to capitalize on its resources. Social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are invaluable resources for many online businesses.

As an effort to help businesses use social media more effectively, the social networking and media education company, Social Fresh, recently secured a partnership with HubSpot as their official social media training partners. Their goal is to initiate a platform that will help businesses learn how to get the most they can out of using Facebook, lead capturing and blogging.

Their partner, HubSpot, is a social media industry leader in social media and Internet marketing education, whose focus is on providing comprehensive, inbound-software marketing solutions for businesses. The collaboration between the two companies will focus on social media training for online usage and with businesses. They will begin branching into the Facebook platform soon with their experts who will discuss Facebook marketing and showing businesses the effect of Facebook connections for their products or services.

Although HubSpot primarily focuses on conference training, they are in the midst of securing resources to branch heavily into social media and social networking through several channels including:

  • ebooks
  • articles and content at the website
  • infographics
  • webinars

Additionally, HubSpot will also offer resources and online lessons for businesses on the topics of email and blogging. The component of using these services will be in addition to the tools also offered by Social Fresh. Mike Volpe of HubSpot believes that the partnership will be a benefit to marketers and allow both companies to blend their resources and create a stellar product.