Rush Hour: Our new podcast

Neil and I have a new radio show on Webmaster Radio called Rush Hour that will air on Wednesdays at 1PM PST / 4PM EST. The show will focus on social media and social media marketing.
We are very excited about the new show and we have some very exciting guests planned in the coming weeks. Our first guest this coming Wednesday is Todd Malicoat (aka Stuntdubl). Todd is one of the forward thinkers in the SEO industry that has recognized the power of social media so it will be fun to pick his brain. If you have any topics that you would like to see us discuss, or any questions you would like to ask either Todd or us, please drop a comment below.
We’d like to thank Webmaster Radio for hosting the show and specifically Eddie for creating our sweet



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9 thoughts on “Rush Hour: Our new podcast

  1. Cool, I’ll be there. Question for you guys, “Do you think it’s better to focus on a few social media sites and dominate (work them really hard) or get into as many different ones as you can?” Hope that makes sense and thanks ahead of time.

  2. Can’t wait to tune in. Since you’re speaking w/ Todd, I’d be interested in hearing his perspective on profile links from the various social sites…do they carry any weight? For example, when you create a profile in Myspace, Mybloglog, Squidoo, etc. you can drop links to your own site(s). I’m guessing there is a “some” weight here b/c people seem to be trying to leverage these sites for reputation management currently…are there any risks to having your site linked to MANY/ALL new social sites? Is it worth the effort?
    Also, if you see backlinks from social sites & blog comments in the “Links” area of Google Webmaster Tools is it safe to assume that Google likes the links listed…or are they simply telling you that their crawler picked them up (regardless of whether they think they’re good or bad)?