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Rocky 6 trailer, it's all viral

Sylvester Stallone is well known for his role in Rocky and all of the sequels that followed it. A couple years ago, they decided to make another sequel to the franchise, which will total up to six Rocky movies. Rocky 6 should be coming out in December and as December comes around you will start seeing TV commercials for it. Currently the studios have not done too much advertising for it, but the trailer is currently spreading like a wildfire online. It is on YouTube and sites like joystiq are blogging about it. Currently there have been over 280,917 views of the Rocky 6 trailer online and it has not cost the studios a cent. This just shows, once again, how powerful Marketing 2.0 can be.
Enjoy the trailer!

 Rocky 6 trailer, it's all viral
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4 thoughts on “Rocky 6 trailer, it's all viral

  1. Wow, had no idea! This guy is getting on up there. Old!
    Um at least the still have some of the same chars! Looks boring though!!!!!
    Um someone dies again um!

  2. I am SOOOOO excited to see this, it looks really good and I am a fanatic. Rocky movies can never be a disappointment. I will be there opening day

  3. i am so upset first adrian dies and now rocky i think. i cant even watch it i am so nerves and upset i want more rocky! luv u rocky xxx