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Rappers Jay-Z and Kanye Use Social Media to Promote New Album

These days, businesses and entrepreneurs are not the only ones who have discovered the power of social networking. Rappers Kanye West and Jay-Z recently used Facebook to their advantage to promote a new song, H.A.M., the lead title on their new album Watch the Throne. But, not just everybody has been able to access and take a quick listen to the new song. The rappers asked their fans to first give them a “like” on their Facebook page in exchange for a listen. Once fans did this, they were able to hear the new collaborative work compiled by two leaders in the music industry.

Did it work?

Well, actually it did, and quite well! To track the “likes” that the Facebook page received, the Watch the Throne page used BandPages, Facebook’s most popular music application. In just three short days, the page received over 57,000 likes.

This creative display of using Facebook to an artist’s advantage has and is quickly becoming a popular way for musician’s to gain attention for their work. The hip-hop community is especially benefiting as more fans are becoming socially involved and interacting on various forums as they share their tastes, preferences and opinions of released works by industry musicians and rappers.

Other artists like Avril Lavigne and Lil Wayne also have single-stream capabilities on their site, but what made Jay-Z and Kanye’s release so viral was that they directed the fans to their Facebook page that was album-specific instead of to their own celebrity pages. By doing this, fans were able to go directly to the album’s track page, download, listen, enjoy, and discuss it.

The ability to share music on Facebook is rising in popularity. Not only will there be well-known artists using the Facebook platform for promotion, but amateur artists will also as more applications are developed for easier music streaming.