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Pinpuff: Your “Klout for Pinterest”

Pinterest, an online pin board, is all the rage these days. The World Wide Web has seen its massive growth, and many online marketers are quickly adapting to the image-heavy platform. Thus, a 20-year-old computer science undergrad Ammrita Sharma of India created a Pinterest app, Pinpuff, which can measure your “pinfluence” or pin worth.

According to the self-proclaimed Pinterest addict, Sharma, Pinpuff measures your influence on the online pin board based on your followers, the people you follow and your interaction across the network. The same with Klout, it gives you a score out of 100 depending on your content’s performance.

More about Pinpuff

Although dubbed as the “Klout for Pinterest,” Pinpuff clearly pointed out that it’s not the case. In fact, measuring a user’s pinfluence is just one of the many features that they’re working on.

The application helps Pinterest users to measure their popularity, influence and reach on the virtual pin board. It also decides the monetary value of each pin, and monitors the traffic that it generates. As Sharma explained to Penn Olson:

“Depending upon the quality of sharing and followers, the monetary value of each pin is calculated. Monetary value is calculated keeping in mind the ROI that can be extracted if a brand is involved and is paying for pins.”

He also added that Pinpuff’s algorithm takes into account the major interest of the user such as Lifestyle, Art, Food and Travel, as well as their followers and following, their pins, repins, comments and likes. The pin’s monetary value is calculated based on the categories a user pins about, and its various activities.

What Lies Ahead for Pinpuff

Pinpuff is still in the early stages, having its algorithm tweaked and hoping to raise funds in the next few months. The financial support will be used to hire data miners that’ll enhance the site’s engine.

Sharma is also hoping that brands will join the system, and use Pinpuff to crowd source their boards to reward their influential Pinterest followers. While everything is still in sketches, Sharma said that a new Pinpuff profile design will arrive to all users in the coming weeks.

Pinpuff vs. Klout vs. PinClout

Although Klout is yet to include Pinterest in its list of social media metrics, the online pin boards’ founder Ben Silberman is registered on the service. There’s also PinClout, which is planning to release a trend data and analytics soon. Hence, whether Pinpuff will be a stand-alone application for Pinterest or an easy acquisition for Klout remains to be seen.