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PicYou launches an iPhone App

Despite the buzz that 2012 will be a big year for Instagram (a photo-sharing app), its web-based competitor, PicYou, alerts the Internet with its free iPhone app. Before, iPhone users were required to transfer their files on a computer before using the app’s web service. This time, they can do the same with their images using the same PicYou features without the need to transfer their files.

PicYou Features

As posted on PicYou’s iTunes page, it’s “the perfect tool for instantly sharing your photos and daily life with friends, family and the world.” All you have to do is take a picture using your iPhone, and let PicYou do the rest. And since it is social, you can instantly share your enhanced photos on your Facebook or Twitter account.

The features of PicYou’s iPhone app are as follows:

  • PicYou filters (Albion, Killowatt, Infatuation, Zeitgeist, Gammanation, Dreamy, Ralston, Cuttlefish and Hipster)
  • PicYou frames
  • Unlimited uploads to the Cloud
  • Instant photo-sharing on Facebook and Twitter
  • Full front and back camera capabilities
  • Web access at

Getting Started with PicYou

If you do not have a PicYou account yet, you can sign up for free using your Facebook or Twitter account, or you may register using your email. When you are done, you can start snapping photos and enhancing them using your photo app.

Also on the app is a user feed, where you can see PicYou’s most popular images, your pictures, and those from the users that you follow. The iPhone app also allows you to control several features like connecting to Facebook or Twitter, editing your profile, or viewing your image activities. Simply put, the whole service is accessible from your iPhone.

Instagram vs. PicYou

Although it may take some time before Instagram gets knocked out of its number one spot, PicYou’s web interface has an advantage over its famous competitor: PicYou makes it easy for users to share their images with friends and family who don’t use the service. Moreover, a web interface is very dependable, as it cannot be affected by any changes done on the service’s Application Programming Interface (API).

Whether PicYou’s web feature is enough to drag its competitor’s users away is yet to be seen. Nevertheless, there could be a social photo-sharing battle between Instagram and PicYou when the latter can also launch an Android app soon.

All in all, launching a PicYou iPhone app has definitely positioned the service as a reliable web-based alternative for Instagram. Moreover, public figures and companies will have more avenues to promote their brand.