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Owners Shuts Scroogle Down for Good

After last week’s report that Google is blocking private search engine Scroogle, the site was shut down for good. Owner Daniel Brandt blames Google and the DDoS attack made by those who have personal vendettas against him. He shared on BetaBeat:

“ is gone forever. Even if all my DDoS problems had never started in December, Scroogle was already getting squeezed from Google’s throttling, and was already dying. It might have lasted another six months if I hadn’t lost seven servers from DDoS, but that’s about all.”

“I no longer have any domains online. I also took all my domains out of DNS because I want to signal the criminal element that I have no more servers to trash. This hopefully will ward off further attacks on my previous providers.”

Despite Scroogle’s loss, Matt McGee of Search Engine Land provided a list of services that provide private searching:

Google Encrypted Search

This is ironic, but the Google encrypted search is also considered as one of the private search engine options. However, it doesn’t solve the issues that Scroogle addresses. Although the search activities are encrypted and secured, Google still tracks its user’s information and records search activity.

AskEraser by

Despite shifting from private search to Q&A platform, still offers its AskEraser tool. The search engine deletes your search activity, except on rare circumstances, such as solving technical issues.


A “family friendly” search engine, Yippy doesn’t track user’s activities, record browsing history, store search activity, keep email copies, or collect information more than what the user provides. Their About Page also says that they’re not selling personal information to advertisers for income.

Ixquick and Startpage

Dubbed as the “world’s most private search engine,” Ixquick doesn’t record a user’s IP address and sends only one preference cookie that expires after 90 days. Startpage, on the other hand, offers services that are almost similar to Scroogle. It takes a search query, deletes all user information, and submits the search to Google anonymously.


Listed on TIME Magazine’s best websites of 2011, DuckDuckGo has a very clear privacy page, and allows users to hide their location. The feature made them different from Google, because the search engine giant tracks their user’s location while DDG doesn’t.

Scroogle has been available since 2003, and has provided private Google search results. Since then, it has been through tough times against the search engine giant and other attacks. But with the Scroogle search results no longer working, the privacy search engine is now completely offline.

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One thought on “Owners Shuts Scroogle Down for Good

  1. That is sad for Daniel, I was a very avid Scroogle user, when it was down after several days, I knew something was up. Privacy is becoming less and less private nowadays. :(