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Our valley trip

In the last couple of days you may have noticed a lack of posts. Cameron and I took a trip to Silicon Valley to meet up with some random people, clients, and a couple 9rulers (Stammy, Bryan, and Guy). We had a great time up north; we got to celebrate Stammy’s birthday and Bryan showed us some Avalonstar bowling. The next day we started with some casual conversations with Guy Kawasaki, who gave both Cameron and I a signed copy of his latest book. Then we closed out the day by visiting some clients and then moved onto San Francisco.
The worst thing about our trip was the hotel. If you ever decide to stay in the Sunnyvale area (right by Yahoo) you might want to stay away from the Best Western. Over the phone they made it sound great by telling me that they have free wireless Internet, free movie rentals, a fridge and a gourmet microwave. They forgot to mention that the Internet connectivity sucks, they have old VHS rentals and the gourmet microwave is small and cheap. They also did not provide any shampoo or conditioner, but their continental breakfast was actually halfway decent.
I will not be going on another trip anytime soon, but next time we will forewarn our readers that there might be a lack of posts.

 Our valley trip
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One thought on “Our valley trip

  1. Derek – You’re right, never expect much from a Best Western. I think what Neil is trying to say is that even for a Best Western it was pretty bad. We weren’t expecting the Ritz by any means.

    The trip was a lot of fun though. It’s always nice to meet people in person that you only know online. It was also a great experience meeting up with Guy, he was really warm and friendly. The client meetings weren’t to bad either.