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Surfing socially driven sites can be informative and entertaining at the same time, but sometimes it can also be a little cumbersome. To help you make the best of your socially driven experience, this three-part series will help you optimize Firefox for the best socially driven experience possible.
In part 1 of this series we will be taking a look at several extensions that can you make the most of the time you spend on From submitting, to surfing, to general user experience improvements, these extensions offer the complete package.
The average non-power user doesn’t actively go looking for stories on the web. If you are one of these users, you usually submit content only when you come across an interesting article that you happened to read during the course of the day. More often than not, the site you are reading the article on doesn’t have social bookmarking buttons to make submissions easy, and in situations like these, there is nothing more annoying that having to manually copy and paste the information from the article to the Digg submission page.
So that you won’t have to do this any more, Daniel has devised a Firefox Add-on that allows you to submit content from any site with a simple right click. All you have to do (in case you don’t want to actually write a summary for the article) just highlight the text that you would like to include in the article summary section, right click on the page, click on ‘Digg This!’ and you’re ready to go.
firefoxdiggsubmission Optimizing Firefox for
Whether you are a power-user or just a casual visitor to Digg, I’m sure you will agree that it is quite disappointing to see a story on the front-page of the site that looks interesting, only to click it and find that the site that was hosting the content has gone down due to the Digg Effect. Of course you could go to DuggMirror and look for a cached version of the story there, or click on a link to a cached version of the story posted by someone in the comment threads. But why even go through that trouble when the process can be automated for you?
This Firefox Add-on, created by Nic Holiday integrates DuggMirror directly into within your browser by using GreaseMonkey. Once installed, you see a golden link next to every front-page story and if a site appears to be down, all you have to do is click the golden words next to the story to be taken to a cached version of the post.
duggmirrorlink Optimizing Firefox for
The insertion of link seems so intuitive and natural that I sometimes forget that I had to install it and that it’s not coming from Digg’s side.
The second browsing-related Firefox Add-on that I want to profile is not quite indispensable yet but has a lot of potential. DiggTaggr by Brian Shaler is a GreaseMonkey script that analyzes the story you are currently viewing and displays additional stories that might be related. You can click the plus sign next to any of the ‘related’ stories and see the summary.
diggtaggr Optimizing Firefox for
While there is a lot of potential and this is functionality that I would definitely like to see, the script in its current state is unfortunately bad at displaying truly useful/related submissions.
Bonus Round
I’m adding this one to the bonus round because this is not truly Digg-specific but it is so useful that I couldn’t leave it out. Wladimir Palant’s Firefox Add-on AdBlock Plus allows you to block advertisements on any website, consequently not only making the site more clutter-free, but also making pages load relatively faster. Ads will be blocked both on as well as linked out items.

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3 thoughts on “Optimizing Firefox for

  1. Great article! I love Firefox’s extension power. Sadly, I’m primarily a Safari user, but I think when I feel like some hard-core digging I’ll be bringing out the ‘old Fox more.

  2. I’m going to start using the duggmirror add-on, however, I find that using a bookmarklet does the same as the first add-on mentioned. I think I’d rather continue using the bookmarklet than slow down Firefox with another unneeded add-on.

  3. Stephen, perhaps I have an older version of the bookmarklet but my version doesn’t copy the highlighted text into the summary field when submitting a post. Thanks for your input though.