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In the past few months it seems that more and more bloggers have been placing the [MyBlogLog widget]( on their blog so they can see who is coming to their blog. The concept of MyBlogLog(ging) is becoming popular and some have gone even as far as [writing guides]( on how to use it. So why is MyBlogLogging catching on like a wildfire?
mybloglog MyBlogLogging
###A picture is worth a thousand words
When you look at your blog stats you may see that you had 1000 visitors come to your blog. Unless they commented and left their information you don’t really know who your readers are. MyBlogLog shows you who is visiting your blog so that you can put a face to each of your visitors.
###The personal touch
With all the blogs in the blogosphere people have tons of options to choose from. What’s going to make a reader visit your blog? MyBlogLog lets you make personal connections with your readers and usually when you make a personal connection, that person is more likely to remember you and your blog.
Just like MySpace and Facebook, MyBlogLog provides you tools to build those relationships with your visitors / readers. You can add friends, join communities and even leave comments on other people’s profile pages.
###Being popular is as easy as 1, 2 and 3
One thing that many bloggers strive for is popularity. In the blogosphere popularity is usually defined by traffic and there are 3 ways you can increase your traffic by MyBlogLogging:
1. A lot of popular sites such as [TechCrunch]( and [Read/WriteWeb]( have MyBlogLog widgets that anyone can see. Every time you visit those sites people will see your picture and are likely to click on it and then read about you and your blog. The more sites you visit that have this widget, the more likely you are to get new visitors as a result of it. But the point is not to go to every site that has this widget and steal their visitors, instead it is for you to register for MyBlogLog, put a picture up and keep reading the blogs you regularly read.
2. Once you fill your [MyBlogLog profile]( with all your information you can add friends. All you have to do is browse MyBlogLog and start adding everyone you find interesting as a friend and start conversations with them by leaving profile comments. You don’t want to spam, but if you have something valuable to say then say it… by adding and interacting with friends you are building relationships and also traffic to your profile / blog.
3. Every blog is essentially a [community]( Join communities you are interested in and people with similar interests will find your blog, join it and probably even start reading it.
MyBlogLog is a social network that allows bloggers and readers with similar interests to connect. I think it is a great service, but many people are concerned about privacy because of all the data they are collecting which can be very valuable to marketers and companies that are interested in knowing people’s web surfing habits. Either way, if you are looking to increase your blog readership I recommend trying them out, they even track your stats so you can see how effective MyBlogLogging is for you.

Neil Patel is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, an analytics provider that helps companies make better business decisions. Neil also blogs about marketing and entrepreneurship at Quick Sprout.

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8 thoughts on “MyBlogLogging

  1. Majority of the BlogLog community members have their own blogs, so its like a Social Networking thing for Bloggers.
    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now, but I only started commenting after I met you on BlogLog, now that’s a relationship we all need to build :D

  2. and thanks for the mention Neil ;)
    am glad to see Pronet Advertising on MyBlogLog too ;)
    Just like Thilak said, we get to build the relationship further :)
    Nice summary for MyBlogLog :)

  3. DEfinitely. MBL is an easy way to connect to other bloggers, and them to you. Want’s neat is getting the email that someone added you as a contact or left you a message. I was lucky to connect to you Neil and have a stronger connection to your blog.
    The widget is great too.
    MBL works on so many levels though it is so simple.

  4. I am a “Pro” Member (pay $3 per month) since May this year when everything was still humble. A one man hobby site with a neat tool.
    In July was the “community added” and shortly after that the widget to see the faces and names of the people that last visited your blog.
    The Last visits, Last Clicks tracking was in there from the start.
    The Faces and Names addition in combination with the community aspect caused the breakthrough for MyBlogLog from a nobody to a exploding power-house and make Yahoo! pay several million $ for it. Not bad for a year worth of work.
    The Power of viral Marketing. Can’t beat the ROI there.

  5. Well you got a strong point there about MyBlogLog, in fact I am on your blog “because” of MyBlogLog. I have read some of your articles and subscribed to your feed. I am waiting for more great posts.