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Microsoft Video Content Reaches Second Place Rank

The Internet is a broad and beautiful place, and there’s a huge variety of possible tasks and activities to get lost in. One of the most popular, however, is watching internet videos. In February alone, approximately 5 billion internet videos were watched, with 82.5 percent of all net users accessing video at some point throughout the month. That includes the 170 million users in the U.S., with each user viewing an average of 13.6 hours of content (or about a half hour of video on each of February’s 28 days).

A large amount of this can be drawn back to Google, who owns the largest video content network in the world. With YouTube as their flagship, Google racked up about 1.8 billion views, with each user spending an average of 4.2 hours on the video content throughout the month. Google has also increased its advertisement presence, contributing to the 3.8 billion total ads watched in February. No one is shocked that Google has stayed in a dominant position. What is surprising, however, is how Microsoft has climbed. While Microsoft Sites were previously in the seventh place position, they managed to garner 48.8 million viewers, putting them in second place – narrowly above Yahoo (third place), Facebook (fourth place), and VEVO (fifth place). The second through fifth place positions are likely to fluctuate in the coming months, but no one is really threatening Google’s spot as King of the Media Mountain.

Google isn’t making the most in the advertising market, however. That position belongs to Hulu, who displayed 1.1 billion ads in February, followed by Tremor MVN at just over half a million ads views, ADAP.TV at 396 million, and SpotXchange at 343 million. Beyond extra advertising dollars, Hulu has reached the highest total for minutes of videos watched, with 454 million minutes (about 7.5 million hours).

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