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March's 'Most Frequently' Visited Sites

Before you actually read this article, try to make an educated guess about the top 1-5 sites visited most frequently by US internet users in March 2007. While many of you will make the same guesses, the results are going to surprise you.
According to data compiled by Jeremy Liew, here are the top 20 most visited sites (visited at least 10 times per user in March):
msaleem marchmadness March's 'Most Frequently' Visited Sites
Surprised? Well, let’s shed some light onto the matter.

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One thought on “March's 'Most Frequently' Visited Sites

  1. Jeremy is certainly right about “the power of the default”. Out of all the people I work with, 99% of them use Internet Explorer and keep as their home page. Most don’t even realize you can change it.
    Now, let’s do a survey of the percentage of average Internet users who start their browser up and type “” into the MSN search box.