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Making an Effective Social Media Editorial Calendar

Even before the birth of the Internet and Social Media, an editorial calendar has been a handy friend for advertisers. It has helped traditional marketers effectively send out their message when promoting a product. According to a study conducted by the Dominican University of California, people who write down goals, share, and update it weekly with their friends are 33% more likely to succeed.

Nowadays, an editorial calendar is also used for publishing web content, company press releases, blog posts, and online news. If you want an effective online marketing campaign, follow the tips below to make an editorial calendar.

Setting and Achieving Your Goals

You start by writing down your goals. Begin with the big picture by noting your ultimate goal for the year. After that, write your quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily objectives that you want to accomplish to achieve your ultimate goal. Just remember to take baby steps when reaching your target.

Pick a Theme

It also helps if you have a particular theme or topic for every month. Choose a broad topic that’s related to your products, and break it down into sub-topics. Write relevant content for your sub-topics, and spread your posts for the whole month. This will help you focus on a monthly product that you want to promote.

Accommodate New Social Media Channels

As the Internet grows, so does social media network. Established networking sites will continue to evolve, while new platforms will emerge. Depending on how these channels help you send your message, learn to adapt to various social media network.

Moreover, mobile marketing is also making itself known. Find ways on how you can reach your target market through their mobile devices. Bring in creative ways on how you can promote your business through mobile marketing.

Share Your Editorial Calendar

The editorial calendar was not designed to be a top secret document. Again, people who write down and share their goals with their friends are 33% more likely to succeed. While you don’t need to divulge everything, the idea is to share and collaborate with a group of writers, editors, researchers, SEO practitioners, sales reps, marketers and many more. That way, you’ll have an idea on how you can improve your editorial calendar.

Writing an editorial calendar reminds you of your business goal that you must achieve. Other than that, it tells you where your plans are leading and your executions’ current standing. Hence, an editorial calendar is an effective tool to plan and execute a successful online marketing campaign.

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3 thoughts on “Making an Effective Social Media Editorial Calendar

  1. These are very useful tips. I thinking picking a ‘theme’ is essential to a successful online marketing campaign- not only because it give you ground on which to work on but also because you can potentially gain a lot of clients is the themes are creative and current.

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