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LinkedBees, The New Business Social Network

Leads, sales and profits are the business focus goals of most all companies. Many business professionals know the famous LinkedIn business site to be one that professionals use and frequent often to find relevant contacts and leads for their particular industries. Everyone from entrepreneurs to small business owners and even Fortune 500 companies have found the site to be extremely valuable and useful in their business pursuits. So, is the newly formed social business website at going to deflect any attention from LinkedIn?

LinkedBees listed its main goal on the site to create a space for people in business to gather and establish business relationships. They thoroughly promote the idea of true networking in that professionals can and should establish connections that can be pursued both offline and online. There are no costs or conditions to meet to take advantage of their resources, therefore LinkedBees feels confident that their services will be very successful among business professionals.

Some of the LinkedBees business services on the social site include:

  • A free content creation and management platform for members (use WordPress and BuddyPress).
  • Customizable features and tools like auctions, project bids, classified lists, a business directory and free, unlimited member sites.
  • They’ll also provide additional products including single page websites (online resumes and virtual business cards) and product show-casts for registered users.

This new social network promises users a more focused, direct business mode of operations that’s different and more targeted to the business professional. There’s no photo sharing or status updates, but the focus is on creating referrals, promoting products or services, finding leads and establishing and growing a client base for members. Donald McIntyre, LinkedBees founder, is aiming to make this new network more business oriented and focused on helping online (and offline) professionals grow their businesses.

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One thought on “LinkedBees, The New Business Social Network

  1. I am Donald McIntyre, founder of LinkedBees (I will write in first person because LinkedBees is a one-man-show for now; for 3 months I have worked with the WordPress/BuddyPress/bbPress/Multisite platform to create it!!)

    Thank you for your interest in writing about LinkedBees. I hope to work to differentiate LinkedBees from Linkedin even more. Your “outside observer” opinion is very valuable for me.

    The niche I am pursuing is to create a space between Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. The last two are persons based services and my aim is for LinkedBees to service businesses for business purposes as opposed to persons for socializing purposes.

    Of course persons run businesses and sometimes the business is a person! that´s why LinkedBees invite is to “Register as an Individual or as a Business”, but LinkedBees´ focus is definitely business only.

    My assumption is that individuals are seeking fun, entertainment, socializing, sharing, and disconnection from the day-to-day responsibilities when using Facebook or Twitter.

    When using Linkenin or LinkedBees individuals are using “another part of their brain” and are more in a work, producing, and responsibility mode. So these last two should be more effective for business.

    To generate revenue Facebook and Twitter have developed advertising tools for their members who where originally seeking social and entertainment services. This is bringing more and more advertising and clutter to these once “friend´s” sites.

    I think that Facebook Walls and Twitter Pages are so full of commercial information that no-one is following anyone anymore. The ratio clicks/impressions is less that 0.03% right now.

    As for Linkedin, how do I differentiate LinkedBees?

    For this my second assumption is that Linkedin is for Professionals seeking to be “in the loop” as it concerns to business, but not doing business in itself. By this I mean that an IBM executive is on Linkedin, but not for IBM´s benefit, but rather for his personal benefit. He wants the world to know what a good executive he is, his professional “pedigree” as an IBM executive, and make sure he is contacted in case there is a better opportunity form him.

    In the case of LinkedBees the same executive would be a member for IBM´s interest as opposed to his own personal interest. At LinkedBees he can find suppliers, leads, prospects, clients, partners, and business contacts in general for IBM´s business. Also, he can offer projects for independent businesses and professionals to bid on, he can buy and sell relevant products at the marketplace, he can buy and sell auction style for IBM, he can write articles, comments, post job offers, seek offline relationships, create specific product sites, or any other kind of IBM parallel site for that matter, and much more for IBM (When IBM creates an IBM page at Facebook it is actually a parallel site to its company central site).

    So, in summary, I want to thank you, explain my assumptions above, and hope to keep in touch, also clarify that Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter members can keep using them and that now they have a better business business option too. We are all different and complementary!

    Best, Donald McIntyre