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Introducing a New and Better Vimeo

Last January 24, a Vimeo staff officially unveiled the redesigned video-sharing site. The entire team tore the old look down, contemplated on every aspect of it, and created a new website from scratch. While doing that, they only have three goals in mind:

More Focus on Videos

With the new Vimeo, an even brighter spotlight will be given to every video. The redesigned video page will provide better user experience, minimize the distractions, and put the focus on the videos.

Easier, Faster and Better Vimeo

The redesigned Vimeo enhanced every aspect of the site, simplifying and speeding things up for the users. Other than easily viewing of videos, there’s also a frictionless sharing of content across the network.

Most-requested Features

Since it’s all about improving the video-sharing site, the Vimeo team integrated some of the users’ idea to enhance the site. From minor tweaks to major development, Vimeo proves that they take into account about what their users are saying.

What’s in Store for the New Vimeo?

In order to achieve the said goals, the team enhanced the video-sharing site in various ways. Listed below are just few the many changes that users should expect on Vimeo:

  • Bigger videos and better tools on the brand new video page
  • Users can now discover general or specific things they like with ease
  • “Inbox” was changed to “Feed”
  • Users can now upload multiple files
  • Better privacy control over users’ uploaded videos
  • Discover videos that are under the Creative Common license.
  • Added a highlight for list of recently watched videos, and what Vimeo recommends.

As of the moment, the new Vimeo is available for private testing with its existing users only. But it’ll roll out over the next few weeks.

Vimeo vs. YouTube

BBC reported that Vimeo redesigned its entire site in order to take ground on YouTube. In fact, the Vimeo team argued that the site’s new look stands out from the Google’s video-sharing site because of its focus on content. As said by Deborah Szajngarten, Vimeo’s communication editor, on BBC:

“A lot of people come to Vimeo because they care about how content is created. That’s everyone from the soccer mom who doesn’t want ads over their children’s video, to high-end professional content creators.”

However, media analyst Theresa Wise said that Vimeo shouldn’t be competing with YouTube:

“Vimeo can’t compete head on, there’s no gap. But if you’re looking to build a career, you’re maybe making more of a brand statement by putting yourself on Vimeo.”

Regardless if it should compete against YouTube or not, Vimeo will remain a friendly place to watch, share, and discover videos on the Internet.