Social Media Releases New Social Network in Private Beta

Instant messaging has been around since time immemorial. However, the rise of social networking somewhat decreased its importance. That being said, the multi-platform instant messaging service recently released its web-based social network for private beta.

Getting Started with

Upon signing up in, the social network will provide a walkthrough on how you can personalize your public profile. In this section, you can link your other social media accounts as you want. It will then guide you on how you can “Meet New People,” locate your friends using your Gmail or Yahoo Mail, or invite them through your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The good thing about the instant messaging service’s social network is that you can use it using a single account. There’s no need to associate your other IM accounts, although you can do this by visiting your profile’s “Settings” section. Moreover, you can simultaneously use the social network and instant messaging interface. Although the social network is only available online as of the moment, said that it will be integrated into its iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia apps soon.

About’s Social Network and its Features

The goal of’s social network is to connect users who are looking for a chat with new people across the Web. Through its “Meet New People” feature, users can utilize the service’s public directory to search for new chat mates. The users can even filter the public directory based on location, interests or school.

Other than that, users can also initiate conversation using the “Broadcast” feature. This feature allows them to post Twitter-ish public messages which can also contain links. When the message is posted, other users can join in the conversation in real-time.

Although’s IM service is now available for public, its social network is still in beta version. However, you can participate with the test run if you get an invite from a current user. Regardless of this, it’s interesting to see the multi-platform IM service move to socializing around the user’s interest. It will depend on the service’s mobile integration, and whether the social network’s mobile version will be more elegant and less cluttered than its online counterpart. After all, going mobile is deemed to be the next big thing. If they’re able to move their user-based instant messaging platform to a wider network, then it’s definitely a big leap for them.